High-power dual-color yellow-green solid-state self-Raman laser

Yung-Fu Chen*, Y. C. Liu, D. Y. Gu, Y. Y. Pan, H. P. Cheng, Chia-Han Tsou, H. C. Liang


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A compact dual-color solid-state self-Raman laser with adjustable power-ratio between yellow and green emissions is demonstrated by using a specially coated Nd:YVO4 crystal. The Nd:YVO4 crystal is coated to replace a cavity mirror for minimizing the cavity losses and to reflect the backward green-yellow emission for avoiding the absorption. Two different lithium triborate (LBO) crystals are employed to produce the SHG of the 1176 nm Stokes field and the 1064 nm fundamental wave for the yellow and green emissions. The temperature of the LBO crystal for yellow generation is controlled at the optimal phase-matching to maximize the efficiency. The temperature of the LBO crystal for green generation is precisely varied to adjust the power-ratio between the yellow and green emissions. At the temperature for balanced emissions, both of 532 nm and 588 nm output powers can simultaneously achieve 4.0 W at a pump power of 31.6 W.

期刊Laser Physics
出版狀態Published - 7月 2019


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