High Photoresponsivity Ge-dot PhotoMOSFETs for Low-power Monolithically-Integrated Si Optical Interconnects

Ming Hao Kuo, Meng Chun Lee, Horng-Chih Lin, Tom George, Pei-Wen Li*


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We report the demonstration of high-photoresponsivity Ge-dot photoMOSFETs in a standard MOS configuration for the detection of 850-1550 nm illumination. Each device has a self-organized, gate-stacking heterostructure of SiO2 /Ge-dot/SiO2 /SiGe-channel which is simultaneously fabricated in a single oxidation step. Superior control of the geometrical size and chemical composition for our Ge nanodots/SiO2 /Si1-xGex-shell MOS structure enables the practically-achievable, gate-stacking design for our Ge-dot photoMOSFETs. Both the gate oxide thickness and the diameter of the Ge dots are controllable. Large photocurrent enhancement was achieved for our Ge-dot photoMOSFETs when electrically-biased at ON- and OFF-states based on the Ge dot mediating photovoltaic and photoconductive effects, respectively. Both photoelectric conversion efficiency and response speed are significantly improved by reducing the gate-oxide thickness from 38.5 nm to 3.5 nm, and by decreasing Ge-dot size from 90 nm to 50 nm for a given areal density of Ge dots. Photoresponsivity () values as high as 1.2 × 10 4 A/W and 300 A/W are measured for 10 nW illumination at 850 nm and 1550 nm, respectively. A response time of 0.48 ns and a 3 dB-frequency of 2 GHz were achieved for 50 nm-Ge-dot photoMOSFETs with channel lengths of 3 μm under pulsed 850 nm illumination.

期刊Scientific reports
出版狀態Published - 16 3月 2017


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