High-energy massive string scatterings from orientifold planes

Jen-Chi Lee*, Yi Yang


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We calculate bosonic massive closed string states at arbitrary mass levels scattered from orientifold planes in the high-energy, fixed angle limit. For the case of O-particle scatterings, we obtain infinite linear relations among high-energy scattering amplitudes of different string states. We also confirm that there exist only closed string Regge poles in the form factor of the O-particle amplitudes as expected. For the case of O-domain-wall scatterings, we find that, like the well-known D-instanton scatterings, the amplitudes behave like field theory scatterings, namely UV power-law without infinite Regge poles. In addition, we discover that there exist only finite number of t-channel closed string poles in the form factor of O-domain-wall scatterings, and the masses of the poles are bounded by the masses of the external legs. We thus confirm that all massive closed string states do couple to the O-domain-wall.

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期刊Nuclear Physics B
出版狀態Published - 21 七月 2008


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