Heat Recovery Modeling and Exergy Analysis of Dry Combustion Process for Explosive Gas Treatment Using Aspen Plus

Y. Choi, C. Choi, B. Hong, S. Choi, Y. Kim, H. Kim

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In the combustion treatment of explosive gases with a high heating value such as H2 and NH3 used in semiconductor and chemical processes, the heat recovery modeling and exergy analysis of the process using the Aspen Plus simulator and its thermodynamic data were performed to examine the recovery of high temperature thermal energy. The heat recovery process was analyzed through this process modeling while the exergy results clearly confirmed that the rigorous reaction mainly occurs in the condenser and the chamber. In addition, the process modeling demonstrated that approximately 95% of the exergy is destructed on the basis of the exergies injected and the exergy being exhausted. Using the exergy technique, which can quantitatively analyze the energy, we could understand the energy flow in the process and confirm that our heat recovery process was efficiently designed.
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期刊Journal of Korean Society for Atmospheric Environment
出版狀態Published - 31 10月 2017