Handbook of Visual Communications

Hsueh-Ming Hang*, John W. Woods


    研究成果: Book同行評審


    This volume is the most comprehensive reference work on visual communications to date. An international group of well-known experts in the field provide up-to-date and in-depth contributions on topics such as fundamental theory, international standards for industrial applications, high definition television, optical communications networks, and VLSI design. The book includes information for learning about both the fundamentals of image/video compression as well as more advanced topics in visual communications research. In addition, the Handbook of Visual Communications explores the latest developments in the field, such as model-based image coding, and provides readers with insight into possible future developments.

    發行者Elsevier Inc.
    ISBN(列印)0123230500, 9780080918549
    出版狀態Published - 2 12月 2012


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