Green Catalysts for Energy Transformation and Emission Control

Virender K. Sharma, Su-Min Chang, Ruey An Doong, Chien Hou Wu

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The development of alternative energy for transportation and the reduction of pollution emission from vehicles are the major challenge for environmental sustainability. Green catalysis is at the heart of industrial and environmental challenges on energy, health, and sustainable development. For example, the use of petroleum-based fuels produces air pollutants and catalysts are needed for reduction of the emission of gaseous pollutants as well as for carbon sequestration. Green catalytic processes are also used to produce biofuels and renewable energies. To meet these challenges, an interdisciplinary chemical approach from molecules to materials and processes from homogeneous, heterogeneous, and enzymatic catalysis are needed.

This book addresses the most advanced research topics in the fabrication and application of environmentally friendly catalysts for energy conversion and emission control. The topics that are covered in this book include fabrication and characterization of environmentally benign catalysts, catalytic process for reduction, chemistry and catalysis of particulate and gaseous pollutants, water splitting for hydrogen production.
This book contains 12 peer-reviewed chapters that cover various aspects of green catalysts with main emphasis on energy and depollution of air. After an overview of catalysis that defines green chemistry for synthesis and decontamination of a wide range of pollutants, chapters are dedicated to the approaches and applications used to improve energy security and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the various derivatives.
發行者American Chemical Society
出版狀態Published - 11 3月 2016


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