Graphene-Coated Substrate-Mediated Photoresponse from MoS2/UCNP Nanohybrid-Based Photodetectors

Digvijay Singh Tomar, Sandip Ghosh, Chien Ting Wu, Shaham Quadir, Li Chyong Chen, Kuei Hsien Chen, Surojit Chattopadhyay*


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Hybrids of two-dimensional (2D) and 0D nanomaterials offer a wider spectrum of properties than their counterparts. Here, we choose a molybdenum disulfide and NaGdF4:Yb3+, Er3+upconversion nanoparticle (MoS2-UCNP) nanocomposite (NC) on graphene (G)-coated polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) and silica/silicon (SiO2/Si) substrates as broadband photodetectors (PDs). The band gap (∼680 nm) limited response of pure MoS2is broadened by the infrared (980 nm) absorbing UCNPs. Identically fabricated PDs on PDMS and SiO2/Si showed the highest photoresponsivity of 26.18 and 84.52 AW-1, respectively, under 661 nm laser illumination at a density of 1 mW/cm2at 1 V bias. The MoS2-UCNPs/Graphene/SiO2/Si PD (SiO2/Si PD) showed a response time of ∼100 ms compared to ∼3 s for the PDMS-based PD. The PDMS-based PD showed a reasonably stable photocurrent, decaying by ∼39%, under 250 repetitive cycles of 6.25% bending strain; a maximum decrease of ∼40% of the photocurrent was observed under the 11.11% bending strain compared to the as-prepared flat PD. Both devices could detect signals from domestic appliances such as air conditioner remotes, laser pointers, and cellphone flashlights. The flexible PD based on a hybrid of two nanomaterials having complementary ranges of absorption offers the possibility for better wearable sensors.

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期刊ACS Applied Electronic Materials
出版狀態Published - 22 11月 2022


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