Functionalized graphene nanocomposites for enhancing photothermal therapy in tumor treatment

Yu Wei Chen, Yu Lin Su, Shang Hsiu Hu*, San-Yuan Chen


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Graphene and its derivatives have unique physical and chemical properties that make them promising vehicles for photothermal therapy (PTT)-based cancer treatment. With intrinsic near-infrared (NIR) absorption properties, graphene-based nanomaterials can be used for PTT and other therapeutics, particularly in combination therapy, to provide successful thermal ablation of cancer cells. In the recent years, advances in graphene-based PTT have produced efficient and efficacious tumor inhibition via nanomaterial structural design and different functionalizations of graphene-derived nanocomposites. Graphene-based nanosystems exhibit multifunctional properties that are useful for PTT applications including enhancement of multimodalities, guided imaging, enhanced chemotherapy and low-power efficient PTT for optimum therapeutic efficiency. Therefore, in this review, we address critical issues and future aspects of PTT-based combination therapy.

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期刊Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews
出版狀態Published - 1 10月 2016


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