Forming a TED talks sphere for convenient search

Chia-Hui Shih*, Han-Lin Li, Chih-Chien Hu, Bertrand M. . Lin


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TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design, ) Talks has been one of the most popular video systems. However, the current TED Talks system expressed its inquired videos as in a two-dimensional (2D) table, which is inconvenient for searching the relationships among videos and tags. This study converts the TED Talks table into a sphere by using optimization techniques to help users search for preferred videos.


There are five phases in this study as follows. Phase 1: Reorganize data of 36 tags and 108 videos; Phase 2: Allocate tags on the TED sphere; Phase 3: Allocate videos on the TED sphere; Phase 4: Develop an online interactive TED retrieval system; and Phase 5: Perform survey and evaluation.


One survey demonstrated that the TED Talks sphere is more convenient for searching videos, as it is more user-friendly because of its graphical user interface, more convenient to use, more useful for retrieving information and can facilitate a more responsive search for users' preferred videos.

Research limitations/implications

The numbers of tags and videos able to be displayed on a sphere is limited by the capacity of an optimization software and hardware.

Practical implications

The proposed sphere system can be used by a large number of users of TED Talks groups.

Social implications

This sphere systems can also be applied to other fields which use 2D forms to display the relationships among objects.


This study uses an optimization method to convert a 2D form into a 3D sphere to highlight the relationships among numerous objects.

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出版狀態Published - 29 4月 2020


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