Formation of high-quality photonic nanojets by decorating spider silk

C. B. Lin, Zih Huan Huang, Cheng Yang Liu*


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The photonic nanojet is a highly concentrated beam with low divergence on the shadow side of dielectric micropar-ticles. In this Letter, we first theoretically and experimentally investigate the formation of high-quality photonic nanojets by decorating spider silk. The dragline silks are directly extracted from cellar spiders and capable of efficiently collecting ultraviolet cure adhesive. The liquid-collecting capacity of the captured silk is the result of a singular fiber structure with periodic spindle knots. Using a scanning-optical-microscope system, we show that high-quality photonic nanojets are generated by silk fiber with spindle knots. With the variation in spindle-knot dimensions, the properties of photonic nanojets, such as intensity distribution, focal length, and full width at half-maximum, are able to tune flexibly. By combining the unique biocom-patibility, flexibility, and tensile strength, the silk filaments with spindle knots pave a potential way for original bio-photonic applications.

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期刊Optics Letters
出版狀態Published - 1 2月 2019


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