Flexible Ta2O5/WO3-Based Memristor Synapse for Wearable and Neuromorphic Applications

Sailesh Rajasekaran, Firman Mangasa Simanjuntak, Sridhar Chandrasekaran, Debashis Panda, Aftab Saleem, Tseung Yuen Tseng

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In this letter, Ta2O5/WO3 double-layer wearable memristor synapse has excellent recognition accuracy (97%) for just 12 epochs compared to the single-layer device (83%). The insertion of an ultra-thin WO3 layer modulates the oxygen vacancy distribution in Ta2O5 and induces digital-to-analog switching behavior. Excellent AC endurance of (>109 cycles) under 2 mm extreme bending, a rapid speed (25 ns), reliable bending endurance for 104 cycles with 4 mm bending, stable retention (>106 s) up to 200°C, and water-resistant behavior are achieved. The potentiation, and depression having outstanding nonlinearity (0.64) is obtained. The Ta2O5/WO3 design is a promising candidate for wearable neuromorphic applications due to its wearability, flexibility, lightweight, low cost and environmental friendly fabrication.

期刊Ieee Electron Device Letters
出版狀態Accepted/In press - 2021


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