Few-cycle THz wave manipulation with a high degree of freedom via f-t modulation

Hao Keng Wei, Hironori Ito, Wei Hong Huang, Zai Wen Chen, Ying Kuan Ko, Chien Ming Tu, Atsushi Yabushita, Kazuhiko Misawa, Chih Wei Luo*


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THz waves have been intensively applied in many fields, e.g., spectroscopy, imaging, and communications. However, owing to the rarity of available techniques for manipulating circularly polarized few-cycle THz waves on picosecond time scales, most of the current studies are conducted with linearly polarized THz waves. Here we demonstrate circularly polarized (CP) THz (dual) pulses generated by a polarization-twisting pulse/dual pulse (PTP/PTDP). The polarization-twisting optical dual pulses can be generated via a modified Michelson interferometer (MI) system, which provides the ability to control the frequency, helicity, and time interval of the dual pulses arbitrarily and individually. Such a novel, to the best of our knowledge, modulation technique shows huge potential for applications, not only in imaging and spectroscopy but also in next-generation communications.

頁(從 - 到)1016-1019
期刊Optics Letters
出版狀態Published - 15 2月 2023


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