Female menstrual phases modulate human prefrontal asymmetry: A magnetoencephalographic study

Ren Jen Hwang, Chi Hsun Wu, Li Fen Chen, Tzu Chen Yeh, Jen Chuen Hsieh*


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We previously reported that the trait/baseline prefrontal cortex (PFC) activity expresses a dynamic plasticity during female menstrual cycle. The shift of asymmetric lateralization of PFC baseline activity pinpoints a possible emotional regulation of negative affection. The current emotional Go/NoGo study aimed to investigate the state PFC responses of different menstrual phases during fear facial stimulation in fourteen healthy women. Our data disclosed that the menstrual cycle was coupled with a shift of asymmetric lateralization of frontal activation across different menstrual phases. Evoked magnetic field activity in the time window 200-300 ms (M1) and 300-450 ms (M2) after stimulus onset demonstrated significant interactions between hemispheric side and menstrual phase. The right hemispheric dominance in periovulatory phase (OV) changed to left hemispheric dominance in menstrual (MC) phase. Significant association between the anxiety score and the left PFC activation was particularly observed in MC phase. Our study revealed a plastic resilience of functional organization of human brain and a dynamic automaticity of inter-hemispheric synergism for possible adaptive regulation under the aversive confrontation in accordance with hormonal fluctuation during the menstrual cycle.

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期刊Hormones and Behavior
出版狀態Published - 1月 2009


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