Facile Solid-Phase Synthesis of Well-Defined Defect Lysine Dendrimers

Yong Liao, Yuan Ting Chan, Vijayasimha Molakaseema, Anand Selvaraj, Hui Ting Chen, Yun Ming Wang, Yeun Mun Choo, Chai Lin Kao*


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An efficient solid-phase method has been reported to prepare well-defined lysine defect dendrimers. Using orthogonally protected lysine residues, pure G2 to G4 lysine defect dendrimers were prepared with 48-95% yields within 13 h. Remarkably, high-purity products were collected via precipitation without further purification steps. This method was applied to prepare a pair of 4-carboxyphenylboronic acid-decorated defect dendrimers (16 and 17), which possessed the same number of boronic acids. The binding affinity of 16, in which the ϵ-amines of G1 lysine are fractured, for glucose and sorbitol was 4 times that of 17. This investigation indicated the role of allocation and distribution of peripheries for the dendrimer's properties and activity.

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期刊ACS Omega
出版狀態Published - 5 7月 2022


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