Fabrication of spherical microlens array by combining lapping on silicon wafer and rapid surface molding

Xiaohua Liu, Tianfeng Zhou, Lin Zhang, Wenchen Zhou, Jianfeng Yu, L. James Lee, Allen Y. Yi

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Silicon is a promising mold material for compression molding because of its properties of hardness and abrasion resistance. Silicon wafers with carbide-bonded graphene coating and micro-patterns were evaluated as molds for the fabrication of microlens arrays. This study presents an efficient but flexible manufacturing method for microlens arrays that combines a lapping method and a rapid molding procedure. Unlike conventional processes for microstructures on silicon wafers, such as diamond machining and photolithography, this research demonstrates a unique approach by employing precision steel balls and diamond slurries to create microlenses with accurate geometry. The feasibility of this method was demonstrated by the fabrication of several microlens arrays with different aperture sizes and pitches on silicon molds. The geometrical accuracy and surface roughness of the microlens arrays were measured using an optical profiler. The measurement results indicated good agreement with the optical profile of the design. The silicon molds were then used to copy the microstructures onto polymer substrates. The uniformity and quality of the samples molded through rapid surface molding were also assessed and statistically quantified. To further evaluate the optical functionality of the molded microlens arrays, the focal lengths of the microlens arrays were measured using a simple optical setup. The measurements showed that the microlens arrays molded in this research were compatible with conventional manufacturing methods. This research demonstrated an alternative low-cost and efficient method for microstructure fabrication on silicon wafers, together with the follow-up optical molding processes.

期刊Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering
出版狀態Published - 17 4月 2018


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