Fabrication and verification for the small-form-factor holographic optical pickup

Kuan Chou Hou, Po Chien Chou, Stone Cheng, Yue Jheng Lin, Yi Chiu, Jin-Chern Chiou

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In this investigation, a small-form-factor (SFF) pickup head with a holographic optical element (HOE) is fabricated. The system employs a finite-conjugate object lens to focus a light beam. A holographic optical element is used to simplify the optical configuration. It provides a better means of alignment of fabrication and reduces the size of system relative to reflective light route. Micro prisms are fastened with HOE and a silicon substrate, laser diode and photodiode are integrated into the optical system. The pickup head system based on discrete components and a flip chip bonder with highly accurate alignment was to integrate it. The micro holographic optical pickup head is fabricated and tested. Experimental results including the spot diameter and the focusing error signal (FES), demonstrate that the optical system is a feasible.

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期刊Optical Review
出版狀態Published - 1月 2011


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