Fabrication and physical properties of permalloy nano-size wires

C. Yu, S. F. Lee, Y. D. Yao*, M. S. Wong, E-Wen Huang, Y. R. Ma, J. L. Tsai, C. R. Chang


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Nano-size NiFe wires with patterned shapes in half-ring-in-series, octagon-in-series, and zigzag-in-series configurations were fabricated. Their magnetoresistance was studied below room temperature and their magnetic domain images were investigated at room temperature by a magnetic force microscope. In general, we have experimentally demonstrated that the variation of the magnetoresistance of our patterned nano-size wires can be related to different domain configurations and explained by the domain switching effect. The number of magnetic domain walls in our patterned wires can be controlled by the shape anisotropy and the size of each section of patterns that form the wires.

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期刊Physica B: Condensed Matter
出版狀態Published - 4月 2003
事件ISAMM 2002 - Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam
持續時間: 2 10月 20024 10月 2002


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