Exploring critical factors influencing nurses' intention to use tablet PC in Patients' care using an integrated theoretical model

Shu-Lung Sun, Hsin-Ginn Hwang, Bireswar Dutta, Mei-HuI Peng

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The use of health information technology (HIT) is expected to deliver benefits for patients, nurses, physicians, and organizations, but the benefits of HIT can only be attained if nurses accept and intend to use it as they are the leading user-group. The use of the tablet is becoming commonplace in healthcare organizations to improve patient care. The current study incorporates Technology Acceptance Model2 (TAM2) with two antecedents, facilitating condition and personal, to identify and understand the factors that influence nurses' intention to use the Tablet PC. The survey methodology was used to collect data from the nurses working in a regional healthcare center in Taiwan. The structural equation modeling (SEM) technique was employed to analyze the research framework. A total of 110 valid responses for analysis. The results suggest that the modified proposed research framework explains about 41.7% of the variance of nurses' behavioral intention. The partial least squares (PLS) regression indicated that perceived usefulness, subjective norm, and personal a positive and significant influence on nurses' intention to use the Tablet PC. But concerning the perceived ease of use, the insignificant path coefficient was reported. The finding also indicated that personal on the research model is much stronger than the subjective norm on Tablet PC performance. The proposed research framework contributes to the conclusive explanation for understanding nurses' intention to use. The current study brings perspectives from the technological and attitudinal differences that have largely been missing in the existing literature of the nurses' intention to use HIT. Thus, health care providers must take these factors into consideration as the findings of the current study advance theory and contribute to the basis for future study intended for enhancing our understanding of nurses' adoption behavior regarding HIT.
出版狀態Published - 1 1月 2019


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