Examination of ceramic restorative material interfacial debonding using acoustic emission and optical coherence tomography

Chun Li Lin*, Wen Chuan Kuo, Jin Jie Yu, Shao Fu Huang


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Objective: CAD/CAM ceramic restorative material is routinely bonded to tooth substrates using adhesive cement. This study investigates micro-crack growth and damage in the ceramic/dentin adhesive interface under fatigue shear testing monitored using the acoustic emission (AE) technique with optical coherence tomography (OCT). Methods: Ceramic/dentin adhesive samples were prepared to measure the shear bond strength (SBS) under static load. Fatigue shear testing was performed using a modified ISO14801 method. Loads in the fatigue tests were applied at 80%, 70%, and 60% of the SBS to monitor interface debonding. The AE technique was used to detect micro-crack signals in static and fatigue shear bond tests. Results: The results showed that the average SBS value in the static tests was 10.61 ± 2.23 MPa (mean ± standard deviation). The average number of fatigue cycles in which ceramic/dentin interface damage was detected in 80%, 70% and 60% of the SBS were 152, 1962 and 9646, respectively. The acoustic behavior varied according to the applied load level. Events were emitted during 60% and 70% fatigue tests. A good correlation was observed between crack location in OCT images and the number of AE signal hits. Significance: The AE technique and OCT images employed in this study could potentially be used as a pre-clinical assessment tool to determine the integrity of cemented load bearing restored ceramic material. Sustainable cyclic load stresses in ceramic/dentin-bonded specimens were substantially lower than the measured SBS. Predicted S-N curve showed that the maximum endured load was 4.18 MPa passing 106 fatigue cyclic.

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期刊Dental Materials
出版狀態Published - 4月 2013


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