Evanescent field enhancement due to plasmonic resonances of a metamaterial slab

K. P. Chiu, Tsung-Sheng Kao, D. P. Tsai*


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The characteristics of plasmonic resonance in a dielectric-sandwiched metamaterial film at visible wavelengths of 650 and 568 nm have been investigated (for both p- and s-polarized light). Our calculated results demonstrate that each mode of plasmonic resonance has maximum resonance strength at a particular film thickness of the metamaterial. We also demonstrated that the effect of evanescent field enhancement is due to plasmonic resonances of the sandwiched metamaterial system. And the stronger the plasmonic resonance strength the larger the evanescent field is enhanced at the interfaces of the metamaterial film. Also we see that the plasmonic resonances in a sandwiched metamaterial are influenced not only by the materials that constitute the interfaces but also by the thickness of surrounding dielectrics or distance between evanescent light source and metamaterial film. Finally, our results show that there might be an effective light propagation length that will let the coupling efficiency between evanescent light source and SPs resonance become a maximum. These properties of plasmonic resonances to structure parameters of metamaterial film and its surrounding dielectrics provide a useful way to control the optical responses of an optoelectronic device when the wavelength of light source is fixed. That is, by suitably choosing light polarizations, thickness of the metamaterial thin film or the surrounding dielectrics and the position of evanescent light source, it is possible to modulate the plasmonic resonance wavenumber or resonance strength of the system. Therefore, the optical responses of the system can be modulated. Our results will be helpful for the structure design to control the behaviours of coupled plasmonic resonances and consequently the optical properties of the dielectric-sandwiched metamaterial film.

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期刊Journal of Microscopy
出版狀態Published - 1 2月 2008


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