Evaluation of the Pressure Injury Prevention Information System

Hsiu Yen Huang, Ting Ting Lee*, Tzu Chuan Hsu, Mary Etta Mills, I. Shiang Tzeng


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Clinical decision support systems provide empirical guidance to improve the quality of nursing care. This study aimed to evaluate the outcomes of implementation of decision support functions into the preventive care system as regards nurses' acceptance of technology, documentation completeness, and incidence of hospital-acquired pressure injury. The researchers performed data collection in a regional hospital in northern Taiwan. The study used the Davis Science and Technology Acceptance Model scale to investigate nurses' technology acceptance before and after the introduction of a clinical decision support system and compared documentation compliance of preventive records with the incidence of hospital-acquired pressure injuries. Results showed that nurses' acceptance of the technology was significantly improved, and the completion rate of the pressure injury preventive care record significantly increased from 88.9% to 99.9%. Meanwhile, the incidence of hospital-acquired pressure injury decreased significantly from 0.057% to 0.021%. Therefore, it was concluded that the clinical decision support system provides evidenced-based support to nurses and is effective in identifying patient-specific prevention nursing plans of care.

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期刊CIN - Computers Informatics Nursing
出版狀態Published - 12月 2020


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