Ensuring the quality of e-shopping specialty foods through efficient logistics service

Mu-Chen Chen*, Chia Lin Hsu, Chih Ming Hsu, Ying Yi Lee


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The complementary effect produced by e-commerce integrated with home delivery service creates tremendous opportunities. These opportunities enable marketers to develop new services, allowing online shoppers to not only shorten their order cycle time but also allowing them multiple options to satisfy their shopping desires. Some studies have been performed to examine the issue of new service development (NSD) in an emerging market, but research is lacking on the development of home delivery services (HDS) for specialty foods from traditional markets. This study analyzes a Taiwan's home delivery company and uses an NSD model and quality function deployment (QFD) to develop a home delivery service model. In the voice of customer (VOC) area, the results reveal that online shoppers emphasize the security of personal information and trading mechanisms of that information. As for HDS for specialty foods from traditional markets, online shoppers focus on the speed of the delivery service, the freshness of the foods and quick responses from HD companies when problems occur during delivery. Furthermore, in the voice of engineering (VOE) area, the main suggestions for improvement are training staff, setting up a brand, and strengthening system effectiveness and information safety.

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期刊Trends in Food Science and Technology
出版狀態Published - 1 1月 2014


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