Enabling Mobile Service Continuity across Orchestrated Edge Networks

Osamah Ibrahiem, Li-Chun Wang, Shahzoob Bilal Chundrigar, Kuei Li Huang

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Edge networking has become an important technology for providing low-latency services to end users. However, deploying an edge network does not guarantee continuous service for mobile users. Mobility can cause frequent interruptions and network delays as users leave the initial serving edge. In this paper, we propose a solution to provide transparent service continuity for mobile users in large-scale WiFi networks. The contribution of this work has three parts. First, we propose ARNAB architecture to achieve mobile service continuity. The term ARNAB means rabbit in Arabic, which represents an Architecture for Transparent Service Continuity via Double-tier Migration. The first tier migrates user connectivity, while the second tier migrates user containerized applications. ARNAB provides mobile services just like rabbits hop through the WiFi infrastructure. Second, we identify the root-causes for prolonged container migration downtime. Finally, we enhance the container migration scheme by improving system response time. Our experimental results show that the downtime of ARNAB container migration solution is 50% shorter than that of the state-of-the-art migration.

期刊IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering
出版狀態Accepted/In press - 1 一月 2019


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