Electrophoresis: Innovative technique to repair leaking impoundments

Albert T. Yeung*, Glenn T. Darilek, M. Yavuz Corapcioglu


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When a direct-current (dc) electric field is applied to a dilute clay suspension, negatively charged clay particles are moved toward the anode (positive electrode). This electrokinetic phenomenon is used to re-seal leaking geomembrane liners while they are in service. The basis of this innovative environmental protection technology and the results obtained from full-scale evaluation of the feasibility of the technology are presented in the paper. The significant reduction in leakage rate from a geomembrane lined surface impoundment caused by the formation clay cake at the leak indicates the technology is feasible.

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期刊Geotechnical Special Publication
出版狀態Published - 1997
事件Proceedings of the 1997 ASCE Annual Fall National Convention - Minneapolis, MN, USA
持續時間: 5 10月 19978 10月 1997


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