Dynamically Synthetic Images for Federated Learning of medical images

Jacky Chung Hao Wu, Hsuan Wen Yu, Tsung Hung Tsai, Henry Horng Shing Lu*


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Background: To develop deep learning models for medical diagnosis, it is important to collect more medical data from several medical institutions. Due to the regulations for privacy concerns, it is infeasible to collect data from various medical institutions to one institution for centralized learning. Federated Learning (FL) provides a feasible approach to jointly train the deep learning model with data stored in various medical institutions instead of collected together. However, the resulting FL models could be biased towards institutions with larger training datasets. Methodology: In this study, we propose the applicable method of Dynamically Synthetic Images for Federated Learning (DSIFL) that aims to integrate the information of local institutions with heterogeneous types of data. The main technique of DSIFL is to develop a synthetic method that can dynamically adjust the number of synthetic images similar to local data that are misclassified by the current model. The resulting global model can handle the diversity in heterogeneous types of data collected in local medical institutions by including the training of synthetic images similar to misclassified cases in local collections. Results: In model performance evaluation metrics, we focus on the accuracy of each client's dataset. Finally, the accuracy of the model of DSIFL in the experiments can achieve the higher accuracy of the FL approach. Conclusion: In this study, we propose the framework of DSIFL that achieves improvements over the conventional FL approach. We conduct empirical studies with two kinds of medical images. We compare the performance by variants of FL vs. DSIFL approaches. The performance by individual training is used as the baseline, whereas the performance by centralized learning is used as the target for the comparison studies. The empirical findings suggest that the DSIFL has improved performance over the FL via the technique of dynamically synthetic images in training.

期刊Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine
出版狀態Published - 12月 2023


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