Dynamic three-dimensional echocardiographic assessment of intracardiac blood flow jets

Alain Delabays, Lissa Sugeng, Natesa G. Pandian*, Tsui Lieh Hsu, Shuenn Jiin Ho, Chen Huan Chen, Gerald Marx, Steven L. Schwartz, Qi Ling Cao


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Transthoracic dynamic 3-dimensional reconstruction of the heart with tissue depiction has been proved to be feasible when using various methods of data acquisition. The same method can theoretically be applied to color Doppler flows to generate dynamic 3-dimensional images of intracardiac blood flow jets. To explore the feasibility of this approach, we studied 41 patients with various valvular disorders or intracardiac shunts. We acquired sequential 2-dimensional images along with color Doppler information using rotational scanning from a transthoracic or a subcostal window. Images were digitized and processed for 3-dimensional reconstruction using dedicated software. After adequate segmentation, the flow jets were displayed in 3 dimensions in a gray scale format. With use of this approach, 3-dimensional reconstruction of color Doppler flows was possible in all but 1 patient. Still frames allowed immediate appreciation of the shape of the jets, their location in the cardiac chambers, and their size related to that cavity. Dynamic display was even more striking by showing the flow in real time. Dynamic 3-dimensional images enabled visualization of flow jets in projections not available in conventional color flow Doppler, looking directly at the views of shunt and regurgitant flows, and also permitted 3-dimensional delineation of flow convergence zones. We conclude that dynamic visualization of various intracardiac flows in 3 dimensions using transthoracic echocardiography is possible. It provides a better understanding of the shape and size of the jets, and can potentially aid in flow quantification by displaying the actual shape of flow convergence regions.

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期刊American Journal of Cardiology
出版狀態Published - 15 11月 1995


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