Dynamic resource assignment strategies for PCS data services

Jeu Yih Jeng, Yi-Bing Lin*, Wai Chen


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    For high speed mobile communication applications, the data rate can be increased by using multiple channels (or time slots) instead of a single channel (or time slot). To reduce the high blocking rate of multiple channels assignment, flexible resource allocation strategies are exercised. This paper proposes a generic Mobile Switching Center (MSC) resource allocation algorithm called MRA algorithm for Personal Communications Services (PCS) data services. The algorithm may combine with any base station resource allocation algorithms proposed in our previous study. A simulation model is proposed to investigate the performance of these algorithms. We define satisfaction indication SI to measure the performance of the resource allocation. SI indicates the customer's satisfaction about the call connection, it can also be used by the service provider as a charge indication.

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    期刊Information Sciences
    出版狀態Published - 1 一月 1998


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