Dynamic assembly in nanochannels manipulated by electrokinetics

Shengnian Wang, Changchun Zeng, Xin Hu, L. James Lee

研究成果: Paper同行評審


Nanoscale polymer silica hybrid nanochannels of average channel size of ∼50 nm are fabricated by electrokinetically induced silicification reaction within a polymer template. The uniform growth of silica can be realized by appropriate combination of reactant concentration and electric field strength. The formed silica leads to the reduction in channel size, and provides substantial reinforcement to the polymer nanostructure. Experiments are carried out in nanochannels with different geometries (i.e., converging/diverging and straight channels). Analog 2D devices are also constructed to visualize and study the mechanism of the dynamic assembly process. In addition, simulation results are also carried out in these 2D nanochannels and comparisons are made to experimental results in some cases. Such nanochannel arrays may be a useful platform for a variety of nanofluidic systems and biomedical applications.

出版狀態Published - 2005
事件05AIChE: 2005 AIChE Annual Meeting and Fall Showcase - Cincinnati, OH, United States
持續時間: 30 10月 20054 11月 2005


Conference05AIChE: 2005 AIChE Annual Meeting and Fall Showcase
國家/地區United States
城市Cincinnati, OH


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