DroneTalk: An Internet-of-Things-Based Drone System for Last-Mile Drone Delivery

Kuan Wen Chen, Ming Ru Xie, Yu Min Chen, Ting Tsan Chu, Yi-Bing Lin

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At present, drone delivery systems usually function only in global positioning system (GPS)-friendly environments and thus cannot deliver goods into customers' houses, which is an element of urban last-mile delivery. In this study, we investigated solutions for enabling drones to fly autonomously in mixed indoor-outdoor environments. We propose a novel Internet of Things (IoT)-based drone delivery system, namely DroneTalk, for mail delivery. DroneTalk combines a GPS, an inertial measurement unit, and visual information to achieve mixed indoor-outdoor autopilot operation. Furthermore, DroneTalk integrates an autonomous drone control system with an IoT device management platform to enable a drone to achieve automatic online weather awareness. Most importantly, DroneTalk is a novel work considering communication, processing, and control latencies simultaneously during autopilot operation to avoid problems related to drone collisions. These problems have always existed but become more serious when drones are flying close to buildings. Simulation results indicate that the proposed system can attain a high user-defined flight success rate (i.e., 99% in our simulations) without any collisions; thus, the proposed system can be feasibly used in real-world environments.

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期刊IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems
早期上線日期3 2月 2022
出版狀態Published - 9月 2022


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