DriverDBv3: A multi-omics database for cancer driver gene research

Shu Hsuan Liu, Pei Chun Shen, Chen Yang Chen, An Ni Hsu, Yi Chun Cho, Yo Liang Lai, Fang Hsin Chen, Chia Yang Li, Shu Chi Wang, Ming Chen, I. Fang Chung, Wei Chung Cheng*


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An integrative multi-omics database is needed urgently, because focusing only on analysis of one-dimensional data falls far short of providing an understanding of cancer. Previously, we presented DriverDB, a cancer driver gene database that applies published bioinformatics algorithms to identify driver genes/mutations. The updated DriverDBv3 database ( is designed to interpret cancer omics' sophisticated information with concise data visualization. To offer diverse insights into molecular dysregulation/dysfunction events, we incorporated computational tools to define CNV and methylation drivers. Further, four new features, CNV, Methylation, Survival, and miRNA, allow users to explore the relations from two perspectives in the 'Cancer' and 'Gene' sections. The 'Survival' panel offers not only significant survival genes, but gene pairs synergistic effects determine. A fresh function, 'Survival Analysis' in 'Customized-analysis,' allows users to investigate the co-occurring events in user-defined gene(s) by mutation status or by expression in a specific patient group. Moreover, we redesigned the web interface and provided interactive figures to interpret cancer omics' sophisticated information, and also constructed a Summary panel in the 'Cancer' and 'Gene' sections to visualize the features on multi-omics levels concisely. DriverDBv3 seeks to improve the study of integrative cancer omics data by identifying driver genes and contributes to cancer biology.

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期刊Nucleic acids research
出版狀態Published - 1 1月 2020


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