Discourse on humanistic clinical care and nurse healing

Pei Fan Mu*


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The Humanistic Clinical Care and Nurse Healing series of graduate studies courses at National Yang-Ming University reflects the mission and goals of the master's and doctoral programs to cultivate the core competence of students. The humanistic nursing curriculum is designed to engender nurse subjectivity by integrating multidisciplinary knowledge. Courses focus on humanistic ideals and ontological, epistemological and methodological nurse fitness while cultivating nurses' humanistic caring competence and humanistic knowledge development. The Humanistic Clinical Care and Nursing Healing curriculum addresses core subject areas including psychoanalysis and humanistic caring, humanistic clinical knowledge exploration, western philosophy and humanistic caring, imaging art and humanistic caring, and the humanistic caring aspect of helping others as well as discusses creative and evidence-based ideas in health promotion and humanistic nursing. The curriculum begins with identifying and understanding concepts, then advances toward applying concepts in practice, reflection, and healing. This paper introduces curriculum structure and content, evaluates student learning through focus groups and assignment content analysis, and discusses the future development potential of humanistic clinical care and nurse healing.

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期刊Journal of Nursing
出版狀態Published - 10月 2011


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