Development of Registration methodology to 3-D Point Clouds in Robot Scanning

Liang Chia Chen*, Dinh Cuong Hoang, Toan Thang Chu, Hsien I. Lin


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The problem of multi-view 3-D point clouds registration is investigated and effectively resolved by the developed methodology. A registration method is proposed to register two series of scans into an object model by using the proposed oriented-bounding-box (OBB) regional area-based descriptor. Robot 3-D scanning is often employed to generate set of point clouds of physical objects. The automated operation has to successively digitize view-dependent area-scanned point clouds from complex shaped objects by multi-view point clouds registration. To achieve this, the OBB regional area-based descriptor is employed to determine an initial transformation matrix and is then refined employing iterative closest point (ICP) algorithm. The developed method can be used to resolve the commonly encountered difficulty in accurately merging two neighbouring area-scanned images when no coordinate reference exists. The developed method has been verified through some experimental tests for its registration accuracy. Experimental results have preliminarily demonstrated the feasibility of the developed method.

期刊MATEC Web of Conferences
出版狀態Published - 2 8月 2016
事件1st International Conference on Computing and Precision Engineering, ICCPE 2015 - Nantou, Taiwan
持續時間: 27 11月 201529 11月 2015


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