Developing Smart Home Applications

Yun-Wei Lin*, Sheng-Kai Tseng, Jyun-Kai Liao, Ta-Hsien Hsu


研究成果: Article同行評審


This paper utilizes an IoT platform called IoTtalk to shape "intelligence" into a house to make it a smart home. The developed project is called HomeTalk that serves as a platform to accommodate various smart applications in a house. We describe the following HomeTalk applications. The PlantTalk application takes care of house plants. The FishTalk application provides fish comfortable life in the fish tank at home. The BreathTalk application detects the number of people in a room, which also purifies the air. The TheaterTalk application uses home and special appliances to create the effects for a 4D experience theater at home. The FrameTalk application allows a painting frame to interact with people in a house. The GardenTalk application provides smart gardening. By examining these projects, this paper explicitly identifies and generalizes the features of HomeTalk that provides flexibility to reuse these IoT devices by sharing them among various smart home applications simultaneously. Specifically, we show how these applications share the sensors and actuators in the house. In the future, we will integrate them through an award winning project called Orchid House.

期刊Mobile Networks and Applications
出版狀態Published - 9 九月 2020


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