Develop the healthcare logistics service with kano model

Mu-Chen Chen, Chia Lin Hsu*, Huang Sheng Wu


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With the advancement of information and communication technologies in the healthcare industry and the strong growth in the sales of temperature sensitive healthcare products, the demand for cold chain logistics service has increased greatly in recent years. Therefore, developing an effective logistics service model for cold chain logistics is essential to help enterprises improve logistics quality and reduce cost. This study aims at applying the five dimensions of service quality (SERVQUAL) model to construct the service elements that customers are concerned about, and then applied the Kano model to categorize the service elements. For analyzing customers’ needs, primary data were collected from a survey administered to respondents who have used a logistics service for healthcare products. Through the convenient sampling, a total of 101 effective paper-based survey questionnaires were received for analysis. From the classification results, 2 service elements are classified as attractive elements, 8 service elements are classified as must-be elements, 15 services elements are classified as one-dimensional elements, 1 service elements is classified as an indifferent element, and no service elements are classified as reverse element in this study. Specifically, this study identified the service elements that need to be modified in the future pursuit of a more innovative service model, to develop a new cold chain logistics service for healthcare that better satisfies customers and creates and maintains a competitive advantage. Practitioners and researchers in the field of cold chain logistics may refer to this study’s findings of customers’ needs and classified service elements with the Kano model to assist in developing new logistics service model.

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期刊Journal of Quality
出版狀態Published - 1 一月 2019


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