Deterministic synthesis and optical properties of glassy chiral-nematic liquid crystals

Huang-Ming Chen, Dimitris Katsis, Shaw H. Chen*


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A new series of morphologically stable, glassy chiral-nematic liquid crystals were synthesized following three distinct deterministic approaches. A glass transition temperature from 67 to 82 °C and a clearing temperature from 175 to 225 °C were accomplished. A helical pitch length from 188 to 210 nm emerged with enantiomeric 1-phenylethylamine as the precursors, giving rise to selective reflection in the UV region. With (+)-estrone as the chiral moiety, a selective reflection in the near-infrared was observed. The concepts of high-performance circular polarizers and optical notch filters and reflectors were illustrated with a mixture of enantiomeric glassy chiral nematics. Selective reflection wavelength can be readily tuned by varying chemical composition in terms of the ratio of enantiomers or that of chiral-nematic to nematic components.

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期刊Chemistry of Materials
出版狀態Published - 1 七月 2003


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