Design of an electronic reminder system for supporting the integerity of nursing records

Chien Min Chen, I. Ching Hou*, Hsiao Ping Chen, Yung Ching Weng


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The integrity of electronic nursing records (ENRs) stands for the quality of medical records. But patients' conditions are varied (e.g. not every patient had wound or need fall prevention), to achieve the integrity of ENRs depends much on clinical nurses' attention. Our study site, an one 2,300-bed hospital in northern Taiwan, there are a total of 20 ENRs including nursing assessments, nursing care plan, discharge planning etc. implemented in the whole hospital before 2014. It become important to help clinical nurses to decrease their human recall burden to complete these records. Thus, the purpose of this study was to design an ENRs reminder system (NRS) to facilitate nursing recording process. The research team consisted of an ENR engineer, a clinical head nurse and a nursing informatics specialist began to investigate NRS through three phases (e.g. information requirements; design and implementation). In early 2014, a qualitative research method was used to identify NRS information requirements through both groups (e.g. clinical nurses and their head nurses) focus interviews. According to the their requirements, one prototype was created by the nursing informatics specialist. Then the engineer used Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, C#, and Oracle to designed a web-based NRS (Figure 1). Then the integrity reminder system which including a total of twelve electronic nursing records was designed and the preliminary accuracy validation of the system was 100%. NRS could be used to support nursing recording process and prepared for implementing in the following phase.

主出版物標題Nursing Informatics 2016 - eHealth for All
主出版物子標題Every Level Collaboration - From Project to Realization
編輯Walter Sermeus, Patrick Weber, Paula M. Procter
發行者IOS Press
出版狀態Published - 2016
事件13th International Conference on Nursing Informatics, NI 2016 - Geneva, Switzerland
持續時間: 25 6月 201629 6月 2016


名字Studies in Health Technology and Informatics


Conference13th International Conference on Nursing Informatics, NI 2016


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