Design and Testing of the NCTU Micro-Orifice Cascade Impactor (NMCI) for the Measurement of Nanoparticle Size Distributions

Chih Liang Chien, Chi Yu Tien, Chun Nan Liu, Huajun Ye, Wei Huang, Chuen-Tinn Tsai*


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The NCTU micro-orifice cascade impactor (NMCI) was redesigned and tested to enable the measurement and adjustment of the jet-to-plate distance (S) of the impactors by using a micrometer. Each stage of the NMCI contains an impaction plate and a nozzle plate which are separated. The bottom casing for impaction plate assembly and the nozzle plate holder of each stage are separated. Calibration results show that the cutoff aerodynamic diameter (dpa50) of the three lower stages (dpa50 = 180, 100, and 56 nm) are close to the nominal values given in Marple et al. (1991). In addition, the S/W (W: nozzle diameter) effects on the dpa50 for the three lower stages were investigated and an empirical equation was developed to facilitate the prediction of dpa50 when the nozzle diameters may change slightly from one batch to another. The relationship between the nozzle diameter and pressure drop of the micro-orifice impactors at the fixed operational flow rate of 30 L/min was also established so that the nozzle diameters can be predicted from the pressure drop measurement. An empirical equation was proposed to express the correlation between the dimensionless cutoff size and the S/W ratio when considering isentropic flow to facilitate the design of micro-orifice impactors for S/W > 4. It is expected that the present NMCI could improve the accuracy of size classification of submicron particles below 180 nm, especially for nanoparticles.Copyright 2015 American Association for Aerosol Research

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期刊Aerosol Science and Technology
出版狀態Published - 3 10月 2015


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