Design and Implementation of an Internet of Healthcare Things System for Respiratory Diseases

Jen Chen Tsai, Jenq Shiou Leu*, Setya Widyawan Prakosa, Lo Chi Hsiao, Ping Chen Huang, Shih Yi Yang, Ya Tieh Huang


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Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm broadens to several research fields. Thus, Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) has been adopted as a standard to create an IoT scheme implemented on healthcare system. Furthermore, IoT can be employed to measure several diseases including stroke, diabetes, as well as respiratory diseases to monitor patient condition and environment change that might be harmful for patients. Implementation and realization of IoT for monitoring respiratory diseases is needed since in Taiwan the risk to get more severe symptoms by those diseases is relatively high considering the air pollution that is getting higher. In this study, IoT system is built based on the integration of several independent applications. In addition, our scheme consists of four main components such as environment sensing box, patient monitoring tools, android apps, and web Graphical User Interface (GUI). Web GUI is useful for health practitioners such as doctors and nurses to monitor the condition of patients obtained by patient monitoring tools. Moreover, patients and doctors can assess the status of weather and environmental condition whether it is safe or harmful for patients. Finally, android based apps is necessary for patients to connect all of schemes as well as monitoring all conditions including health and environmental status. The assessment of our tools indicates that the implemented scheme is consistent enough shown by low Root Mean Square Error (RMSE) and Mean Average Percentage Error (MAPE) achieved by our IoT system.

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期刊Wireless Personal Communications
出版狀態Published - 3月 2021


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