Design and fabrication of broadband ultralow reflectivity black Si surfaces by laser micro/nanoprocessing

Jing Yang, Fangfang Luo, Tsung-Sheng Kao, Xiong Li, Ghim Wei Ho, Jinghua Teng, Xiangang Luo, Minghui Hong*


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Light collection efficiency is an important factor that affects the performance of many optical and optoelectronic devices. In these devices, the high reflectivity of interfaces can hinder efficient light collection. To minimize unwanted reflection, anti-reflection surfaces can be fabricated by micro/nanopatterning. In this paper, we investigate the fabrication of broadband anti-reflection Si surfaces by laser micro/nanoprocessing. Laser direct writing is applied to create microstructures on Si surfaces that reduce light reflection by light trapping. In addition, laser interference lithography and metal assisted chemical etching are adopted to fabricate the Si nanowire arrays. The anti-reflection performance is greatly improved by the high aspect ratio subwavelength structures, which create gradients of refractive index from the ambient air to the substrate. Furthermore, by decoration of the Si nanowires with metallic nanoparticles, surface plasmon resonance can be used to further control the broadband reflections, reducing the reflection to below 1.0% across from 300 to 1200 nm. An average reflection of 0.8% is achieved.

期刊Light: Science and Applications
出版狀態Published - 4 7月 2014


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