Current and power waveforms simulator of CMOS circuits

Shyh-Jye Jou*, Jhy Haur Pan, Wen Hsing Hsieh, Chau-Chin Su


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A new current model and its application in a switch-level simulator for the analysis of current and power waveforms are present in this paper. The current waveforms during CMOS logic switching which mainly consist of switching dynamic and short-circuit currents are estimated by asymmetric triangular pulse. This model is superior to existing current models that use symmetric triangular pulse and neglect the short-circuit current or estimated it by unloaded case. The derived current models are then used in a modified version of IRSIM which is a switch-level simulator. The simulation results show good waveform agreement with HSPICE and the simulation speed is 2 to 3 orders faster than HSPICE.


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