Cost-effective concrete fabrication for large irregularly shaped architectural structures

Shih Yuan Wang, Sze Teng Liong*, Y. S. Gan, Yu Ting Sheng


研究成果: Article同行評審


The integration of 3D concrete printing (3DCP) technology offers infinite possibilities and a wider palette of geometries for traditional concrete materials. This paper presents a pipeline for 3DCP by optimizing the material used in an irregularly shaped PETG formwork to ensure sufficient stiffness under dynamic loading conditions, while reducing the supporting equipment and costs in the manufacturing industry. The developed framework was validated through a case study that fabricated a concrete wall using a six-axis industrial robotic arm with a custom 3D printing system and parametric design modeling. Comprehensive failure analysis and numerical prediction performance were conducted to validate the proposed pipeline's viability. The formwork reinforcement process encourages smart manufacturing automation and customization, improving production precision. The presented insights offer exciting challenges and inspiration for future manufacturing industries.

期刊Automation in construction
出版狀態Published - 12月 2023


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