Control of VOCs emissions by condenser pre-treatment in a semiconductor fab

Yu Chih Lin, Feng Tang Chang, Hsun-Ling Bai*, Bau Shei Pei


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The performance of a modified design of local condensers to pre-treat a variety of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted from the stripping process of a semiconductor fab was tested in this study. The reaction temperature of the condensers was controlled at around 10°C, it is relatively higher than the traditional condenser reaction temperature. Both VOCs and water vapors were condensed and formed liquid films. This resulted in an enhancement of the VOCs removals, especially for VOCs of high boiling points or solubility. This can help to prevent the follow up zeolite concentrator from damage. The performance of the integrated system of condenser/zeolite concentrator could, therefore, remain highly efficient for a longer operation time. Its annualized cost would also be lower than installing the zeolite concentrator only.

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期刊Journal of Hazardous Materials
出版狀態Published - 11 4月 2005


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