Construction of Triboelectric Series and Chirality Detection of Amino Acids Using Triboelectric Nanogenerator

Arnab Pal, Anindita Ganguly, Po Han Wei, Snigdha Roy Barman, Chia Chih Chang, Zong Hong Lin*


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Triboelectrification necessitates a frictional interaction between two materials, and their contact electrification is characteristically based on the polarity variance in the triboelectric series. Utilizing this fundamental advantage of the triboelectric phenomenon, different materials can be identified according to their contact electrification capability. Herein, an in-depth analysis of the amino acids present in the stratum corneum of human skin is performed and these are quantified regarding triboelectric polarization. The principal focus of this study lies in analyzing and identifying the amino acids present in copious amounts in the stratum corneum to explain their positive behavior during the contact electrification process. Thus, an augmented triboelectric series of amino acids with quantified triboelectric charging polarity by scrutinizing the transfer charge, work function, and atomic percentage is presented. Furthermore, the chirality of aspartic acid as it is most susceptible to racemization with clear consequences on the human skin is detected. The study is expected to accelerate research exploiting triboelectrification and provide valuable information on the surface properties and biological activities of these important biomolecules.

期刊Advanced Science
出版狀態Published - 26 1月 2024


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