Conformal bilayer h-AlN epitaxy on WS2 by ALD with ultralow leakage current

Shin Yuan Wang, Shu-Jui Chang, Yu Che Huang, Jia Hao Chih, Yu Chin Lin, Chao Ching Cheng, Iuliana Radu, Chenming Hu*, Chao Hsin Chien*


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In this work, we develop an ultrathin epitaxial h-AlN as an interfacial layer (IL) between HfO2 and monolayer WS2 channel by atomic layer deposition (ALD). The growth of ultrathin dielectrics using ALD has been challenging due to the dangling-bond-free surface of 2D materials. By utilizing sub-1 nm h-AlN as an IL and depositing HfO2 high-k dielectric, we were able to form a uniform and atomically flat gate dielectric without voids. The resulting structure exhibits an equivalent oxide thickness as low as 1 nm and ultra-low leakage currents of ∼10−6 A/cm2. The fabricated top-gate WS2 transistors demonstrate on-off ratios of around 106 and subthreshold swing as low as 93 mV/dec. Furthermore, we have verified the feasibility of using h-AlN IL for a gate-all-around structure. Our work presents a CMOS-compatible low-temperature ALD process for integrating gate dielectrics, offering excellent thickness scalability and uniform coverage around monolayer WS2 nanosheets. The combination of high-quality two-dimensional dielectrics and semiconductors will contribute to the development of future high-performance and low-power electronic devices.

期刊Applied Physics Letters
出版狀態Published - 16 10月 2023


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