Complexity and disorder of 1/ fα noises

Chang Francis Hsu, Long Hsu, Sien Chi*


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The complexity and the disorder of a 1/ fα noise time series are quantified by entropy of entropy (EoE) and average entropy (AE), respectively. The resulting EoE vs. AE plot of a series of 1/ fα noises of various values of α exhibits a distinct inverted U curve. For the 1/ fα noises, we have shown that α decreases monotonically as AE increases, which indicates that α is also a measure of disorder. Furthermore, a 1/ fα noise and a cardiac interbeat (RR) interval series are considered equivalent as they have the same AE. Accordingly, we have found that the 1/ fα noises for α around 1.5 are equivalent to the RR interval series of healthy subjects. The pink noise at α = 1 is equivalent to atrial fibrillation (AF) RR interval series while the white noise at α = 0 is more disordered than AF RR interval series. These results, based on AE, are different from the previous ones based on spectral analysis. The testing macro-average F-score is 0.93 when classifying the RR interval series of three groups using AE-based α, while it is 0.73 when using spectral-analysis-based α.

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出版狀態Published - 10月 2020


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