Comparative genomic analysis of bacteriocin-producing Weissella cibaria 110

Shiao Wen Li, Yi Sheng Chen, Yun Shien Lee, Chih Hsien Yang, Sirinat Srionnual, Hui Chung Wu, Chuan Hsiung Chang*



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Weissella cibaria 110 was isolated from plaa-som, a Thai fermented fish product, and known to produce the weissellicin 110 bacteriocin. We carried out comprehensive comparative genomic analysis of W. cibaria 110 with four other non-bacteriocin-producing W. cibaria strains and identified potential antibiotic-resistant genes. We further identified a type III restriction-modification system, a TA system, and a bacteriocin gene cluster that are unique in W. cibaria 110. Genes related to bacteriocin biosynthesis are organized in clusters and are encoded with minimum genetic machinery consisting of structural cognate immunity genes, including ABC transporter and immunity protein. Finally, we predicted W. cibaria 110 to produce a class IId bacteriocin, weissellicin 110, which is 31 amino acids in length and contains a 21-amino-acid N-terminal leader peptide. This is the first bacteriocin-producing sequencing genome in W. cibaria, and we describe the difference between the bacteriocin-producing and non bacteriocin-producing strains from genome point of view.

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期刊Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology
出版狀態Published - 1 2月 2017


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