Cluster headache in the Taiwanese - A clinic-based study

K. H. Lin, P. J. Wang, J. L. Fuh, S. R. Lu, C. T. Chung, H. K. Tsou, S. J. Wang*


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Cluster headache has not been fully investigated in Asians. One hundred and four patients (90M/14F; mean age 39.2 ± 12.2 years) with cluster headache were recruited from two major headache clinics in Taiwan. They filled out a structured cluster headache questionnaire. All participants were diagnosed to have episodic cluster headache. Mean age of onset was 26.9 years; mean latency of diagnosis was 8.1 years. A trend of decrease in male/female ratio with time was noted. Seventy-three percent were ex- or current smokers (M: 79%, F: 36%). Restlessness was reported by 51% patients. Only 1 patient (1%) reported visual aura. Patients responded well to standard acute and prophylactic treatment. The monthly incidence of cluster period was inversely related to sunshine duration. Compared to Western series, our patients were different in several aspects including the absence of chronic cluster headaches and a low prevalence of restlessness and aura. Racial and geographical factors might contribute to these discrepancies.

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出版狀態Published - 8月 2004


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