Classifying video documents by hierarchical structure of video contents

Duen-Ren Liu, Lin Chen-Hsien, Jing Jang Hwang

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Recent advances in video database technology and increasing use of the World Wide Web allow users to access video documents on the Web. Moreover, advances in digital library technologies necessitate the storing of large quantities of video documents. Consequently, video documents must be categorized to assist the user in browsing and searching them by category. This study presents a novel approach to classifying video documents under classes in a predefined class hierarchy. Video documents are classified according to the structural weight of video contents, capturing their characteristics with respect to the hierarchical structure of the video data. Furthermore, while considering the hierarchical relationship among classes, the proposed technique strives for an appropriate balance between specificity and exhaustivity in video classification.

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期刊Computer Journal
出版狀態Published - 2000


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