Chemical HF lasers from flash photolysis of various N2F4 + RH systems

L. E. Brus*, Ming-Chang Lin


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HF stimulated emission has been observed from flash-photolyzed mixtures of N2F4 with a number of hydrogen sources: HCl, CH4, CH3F, CH2F2, CH3Br, C2H6, C2H5F, and C2H5I. The vibrational-rotational transitions P21(4)-P21(8) and P10(6)-P10(9) were found in all cases examined with one exception. Under present conditions the emission is believed to result predominantly from the abstraction reaction F + RH → HF+ + R · Detailed analysis of the photoproducts indicates two other reactions yielding HF are occurring. The first has been recently studied by Padrick and Pimentel 1 R · + N2F4 → RNF2 + + NF2 RNF2 + → R′CN + 2HF+ The second is a proposed new NF radical insertion-elimination reaction NF + RH → RNHF+ → HF+ + R′-CH=NH It is noted that uv photodissociation of NF2 could yield metastable NF(1Δ) radical.

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期刊Journal of physical chemistry
出版狀態Published - 1 12月 1971


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