Charge transfer and field emission characteristics of TiO2@CNTs nanocomposite: Effect of TiO2 crystallinity

Vitaly Gurylev*, Tzu Kang Chin, Artur Useinov


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In this work, the correlation between field emission characteristics of TiO2@CNTs nanocomposite and TiO2 crystallinity was investigated via charge transfer mechanism. It was discovered that CNTs covered with amorphous TiO2 showed the lowest turn-on voltage and highest enhancement factor followed by CNTs combined with crystalline TiO2 and then pristine CNTs, consequently. The increased performance was attributed to the existence of oxygen vacancies in amorphous TiO2 which due to their donor-like nature resulted in more efficient charge transfer between TiO2 and CNTs. Thus, the surface of nanocomposite became occupied by a higher number of electrons which influenced positively on the application as field emission cathode.

期刊Journal of Alloys and Compounds
出版狀態Published - 15 三月 2021


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